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Looking for MM2 Values List so you are at the right spot here you will get a new, working, and complete Murder Mystery 2 Values List.

With so many amazing items in Murder Mystery 2 Game, also known as MM2, it can be quite confusing and hard to remember all values of each of them. To help you get the best overview of them, we have prepared this ultimate MM2 Value List 2022 that has all the items listed with their exact values.

Last Values Update on – 28th June 2022

MM2 Values List – Murder Mystery 2 Values List (June 2022)

The MM2 Value List include is Vintage, Legends, Rares, Ancients, Godlys, Uniques, Uncommons, Commons, Pets, Miscellaneous, and more so without wasting time now let’s start mm2 values list.

MM2 Values Ancient List

MM2 Ancient Values
Log Chopper   125 (Only Trade)
SwirlyAxe   950 (Only Trade)
Harvester   1150 (Tiers and Trade Only)
Niks Scythe   150000 (Only Trade)
Hallowschythe   120 (Trade and also Buy)
Elderwood Scythe   155 (Only Trade)
Icebreaker   160 (Xmas Event 2020)
Ice Wing   60 (Only Trade)
Batwing   85 (Only Trade)

MM2 Values Uniques List 2022

MM2 Uniques Values
Bronze Trophies  100,000 (All)
Silver Trophies  125,000 (All)
Corrupt  2050 (Only Trade)
Gold Trophies  150,000 (All)
Top 100 Trophies  15,000 (All)

MM2 Values Godlys List 2022

MM2 Value Godlys List is divided into three lists that are Chroma Godlys Values, Godlys Values from best to worst, and Godlys Values less than 100.

MM2 Chroma Godlys Values List

Chroma Godlys Values
Chroma Swirlygun   19500 (Unbox Trade also)
Chroma Darkbringer   310 (Unbox Trade also)
Chroma Candleflame   1200 (Unbox Trade also)
Chroma Saw   90 (Unbox Trade also)
Chroma Heat   275 (Unbox)
ChromaDeathShard   180 (Unbox Trade also)
Chroma Boneblade   110 (Trade)
Chroma Gemstone   280 (Mystery Crate)
ChromaSeer   130 (Crafting)
Chroma Laser   260 (Unbox Trade also)
ChromaSlasher   160 (Unbox)
ChromaLightbringer   310 (Unbox Trade also)
Seer   10x T1 Legendary (Crafting also Trade)
Chroma Shark   205 (Unbox Trade also)
ChromaLuger   290 (Unbox)
ChromaGingerblade   100 (Trade)
Chroma Tides   195 (Unbox Trade also)
Chroma Fang   215 (Unbox Trade also)

MM2 Godlys Values List – From Best To Worst

MM2 Godlys Values
Swirlyblade  (Trade Also) 1140
Swirlygun  (Trade and Unbox) 650
Candleflame  (Trade Also)  450
Sugar  (Trade Also)  185
Candy (Trade Also)  185
Eternal Cane (Trade Also)  130
Green Luger  (Trade Also)  125
Luger Cane  (Trade Also) 125
Elderwood Revolver  (Trade Also) 120
Iceblaster  (Unbox Trade Also) 120
Eternal IV (Trade Also)  115
Red Luger  (Trade Also) 110
Pixel  (Trade Also) 110

Godlys Values List – Less Than 100

Godlys Values
Death Shard   35 (Unbox also Trade)
Jinglegun   70 (Buy & Trade also)
Fang   43 (Unbox also Trade)
Eternal II   67 (Trade)
Red Seer   30 (Crafting also Trade)
Winters Edge   30 (Unbox also Trade)
Ginger Luger   802 (Trade)
Snowflake   22 (Trade)
Ice Shard   22 (Buy & Trade also)
Bioblade   13 (Buy & Trade also)
Vampires Edge   28 (Buy & Trade also)
Saw   20 (Unbox also Trade)
Ice Dragon   30 (Trade)
Spider   40 (Trade)
Chill   60 (Trade)
Luger   80 (Unbox also Trade)
Amerilaser   95 (Trade)
Eggblade   13 (Buy & Trade also)
Clockwork   65 (Trade)
Frostsaber   25 (Trade)
Minty   70 (Trade)
Handsaw   55 (Trade)
Pumpking   50 (Trade)
Heartblade   15 (Buy & Trade also)
Hallowgun   65 (Trade)
Eternal   40 (Trade)
Gemstone   25 (Mystery Crate)
Darkbringer   50 (Unbox also Trade)
Laser   55 (Unbox also Trade)
Battle Axe II   45 (Trade)
Blaster   80 (Trade)
Hallows Edge   83 (Trade)
Eternal III   65 (Trade)
Tides   70 (Unbox also Trade)
Prismatic   13 (Buy & Trade also)
BattleAxe   35 (Trade)
Gingerblade   38 (Trade)
Peppermint   15 (buy or also Trade)
Lightbringer   45 (Unbox also Trade)
Purple Seer   30 (Crafting also Trade)
Frostbite   20 (Trade)
Shark   60 (Unbox also Trade)
Heat   60 (Unbox also Trade)
Blue Seer   30 (Crafting also Trade)
Orange Seer   30 (Crafting also Trade)
IceBean   75 (Buy & Trade also)
Old Glory   90 (Trade)
Virtual   75 (Trade)
Flames   50 (Trade)
Iceflake   85 (Buy & Trade also)
Slasher   45 (Unbox also Trade)
Hallows Blade   22 (Trade)
Xmas   85 (Trade)
Yellow Seer   30 (Crafting also Trade)
Boneblade   55 (Trade)
Cookieblade   13 (Buy & Trade also)
Night Blade   38 (Buy Trade also)
Ghost Blade   20 (Trade)
Nebula   35 (Nebula game pass and trading)

MM2 Values Vintage List 2022

MM2 Vintage Values
America   60 (Trade Also)
Blood   50 (Trade Also)
Golden   55 (Trade Also)
Prince   35 (Trade Also)
Ghost   20 (Trade Also)
Cowboy   10 (Trade Also)
Splitter   15 (Trade Also)
Shadow   30 (Trade Also)
Laser   25 (Trade Also)
Phaser   40 (Trade Also)

MM2 Values Legendary List 2022

MM2 Legendary Values
Witched   30 (Trade Also)
Green Elite   180 (Trade Also)
Tree (knife)   230 (Also Trade)
Fade   T1 Rare (Unbox) (4x)
Icecracker   1 (Also Trade)
Rupture   220 (Also Trade)
Plasmite   4x T1 Rare (Unbox)
Cavern Knife   120 (Also Trade)
Santas Magic   35 (Also Trade)
Splash Gun   T1 Legend (1x) (Unbox also Trade)
Ghost Knife   170 (Also Trade)
Skulls   11 (Also Trade)
Viper   T1 Rare (4x) (Unbox)
Ginger Gun   175 (Also Trade)
Blue Scratch   75 (Also Trade)
Scratch   160 (Also Trade)
Rune   T1 Legend (1x) (Best Mystery Crate)
Sparkle   T1 Legend (4x) (Also Crafting Trade)
Web   220 (Also Trade)
JD   345 (Also Trade)
Ginger Knife   T1 Legend (3x) (Also Trade)
Aurora Gun   2 (Also Trade)
Predator (knife)   T1 Legend (4x) (Also Crafting Trade)
Overseer (knife)   T1 Rare (4x) (Unbox)
Elite   T1 Rare (4x) (Also Buy Trade)
Red Fire   25 (Also Trade)
Universe   T1 Rare (4x) (Best Unbox)
Splash  T1 Rare (4x) (Best Unbox)
Fusion   T1 Rare (4x) (Best Unbox)
Midnight   T1 Legend (4x) (Also Crafting Trade)
Ghost Gun   40 (Also Trade)
Ripper Gun   1 (Also Trade)
Tree (gun)   230 (Also Trade)
Emerald   T1 Legend (4x) (Also Crafting Trade)
Cotton Candy   310 (Also Trade)
Aurora knife   1 (Also Trade)
Shiny   T1 Rare (4x) (Best Unbox)
Blue Elite   10 (Also Trade)
Overseer (gun)   T1 Legend (4x) (Also Crafting Trade)
Cavern Gun   T1 Legend (3x) (Also Trade)
Green Fire   5 (Also Trade)
Ripper Knife   5 (Cool Event Tier System)
Predator (gun)   T1 Rare (4x) (Best Unbox)
Icedriller   3 (Also Trade)

MM2 Values Rares List 2022

MM2 Rares Values
Ginger ( gun)   240 (Also Trade)
Magma   25 (Also Trade)
Cane ( knife)   250 (Also Trade)
Aurora Knife   75 (Also Trade)
Icicles Gun   10 (Also Trade)
Vampire Knife   60 (Also Trade)
Mummy   185 (Also Trade)
Toxic Gun   60 (Also Trade)
Vampire Gun   210 (Also Trade)
Toxic Knife   365 (Also Trade)
Bats   120 (Also Trade)
Orange Marble   130 (Also Trade)
Cane ( gun)   250 (Also Trade)
Green Marble   45 (Also Trade)
Cane Knife   10 (Also Trade)
Candy Swirl Gun   35 (Also Trade)
Jack   225 (Also Trade)
Snakebite Knife   15 (Also Trade)
Ginger ( knife)   240 (Also Trade)

MM2 Values List 2022 – Less Than One

MM2 Value Less Than One
Galaxy   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Gingerbread   T1 Rare (4x) (Also Trade)
Molten ( knife)   T1 Legend (1x) ( Crafting also Trade)
Abstract   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Vortex   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Imbued   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Silent Night Gun   T1 Rare (4x) (Also Trade)
Korblox   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Space   T1 Rare (1x) ( Unbox also Trade)
Ice Camo   T1 Rare (3x) (Also Trade)
Bacon   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Nether   T1 Legend (1x) ( Crafting also Trade)
Cane Gun   T1 Rare (3x) (Also Trade)
Nightfire   T1 Rare (1x) (Unbox also Trade)
Ace   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Musical   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Starry Knife   T1 Rare (3x) (Also Trade)
Candy Swirl Knife   T1 Rare (1x) (Also Trade)
Galactic   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Gun Box One)
Deep Sea   T1 Rare (1x) (Unbox also Trade)
Snakebite Gun   T1 Rare (1x) (Also Trade)
Bones   T1 Legend (1x) ( Unbox also Trade)
Silent Night Knife   T1 Rare (4x) (Also Trade)
Hacker   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Unboxed)
Snowflakes   T1 Rare (4x) (Also Trade)
Spectrum   T1 Uncommon (4x) ( Knife box 2)
Purple   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Swirl Knife   T1 Rare (3x) (Also Trade)
Molten ( gun)   T1 Legend (1x) (Crafting also Trade)
Ghosts   T1 Legend (4x) (Also Trade)
Spitfire   T1 Legend (1x) (Also Crafting Trade)
Krypto   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Knife box 2)
Snowy   T1 Rare (4x) (Also Trade)
Rainbow   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Portal   T1 Legend (1x) (Also Unbox Trade)
Black   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Icicles Knife   T1 Rare (3x) (Also Trade)
Squire   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Damp   T1 Legend (1x) (Crafting also Trade)
Nova   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Starry Gun   T1 Rare (3x) (Also Trade)
Rainbow ( gun)   T1 Rare (1x) (Best Mystery Crate)
iRevolver   T1 Uncommon (4x) (Best Unboxed)
Dungeon   T1 Rare (1x) (Also Trade)
Monster   T1 Legend (2x) (Also Trade)

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MM2 Values Pets List 2022

MM2 Pets Value List is classified into three lists that are Chroma Pets Values, Pets Values from best to worst, and Pets Values less than one.

MM2 Chroma Pets Values List

Chroma Pets Values
ChromaFire Fox   120 (Hatch trade also)
Chroma Fire Bunny   155 (Hatch trade also)
ChromaFire Bear   95 (Hatch trade also)
Chroma Fire Pig   110 (Hatch trade also)
ChromaFire Cat   140 (Hatch trade also)
Chroma Fire Dog   80 (Hatch trade also)
Chroma Fire Bat   145 (Also Hatch trade)

MM2 Pets Values From Best to Worst

Pets Best to Worst Values
Purple Pumpkin   235 (Also Trade)
Blue Pumpkin   130 (Also Trade)
Red Pumpkin   125 (Also Trade)
DeathSpeaker   120 (Pet Box One)
Green Pumpkin   110 (Also Trade)
Steambird   105 (Also Trade)
Phoenix    95 (Also Trade)
Sammy   90 (Also Trade)
Electro   85 (Also Trade)
Frost Bird   90 (Also Trade)
Jet   85 (Also Buy trade)
<3   75 (Also Trade)
Eyeball   65 (Also Buy trade)
Overseer Eye   35 (Also Buy trade)
Fire Bat   35 (Also Hatch trade)
Fire Bear   35 (Also Hatch trade)
FireBunny 35 (Also Hatch trade)
Ice Phoenix   35 (Also Buy trade)
FireFox   25 (Hatch trade also)
Fire Pig   25 (Hatch trade also)
Fire Cat   20 (Hatch trade also)
Traveller   25 (Also Trade)
Nobledragon   25 (Unboxed)
Tankie   25 (Unbox)
Vampire Bat   26 (Also Trade)
Zombie Dog   24 (Also Trade)
Pengy   22 (Also Trade)
Fire Dog   20 (Hatch trade)
Mechbug   18 (Unbox)
Chilly   17 (Hatch trade)
Dogey   9 (Unbox)
UFO   8 (Also Trade)
Reindeer   8 (Also Trade)
Fairy   5 (Only Buy trade)
Skelly   5 (Only Buy trade)
Ghosty   4 (Also Trade)
Icey   3 (Only Buy trade)
Red Pumpkin   5 (Also Trade)
Green Pumpkin   4 (Also Trade)
Rudolph   2 (Also Trade)

MM2 Pets Values List – Less Than One

Pets Values Less Than One
Piggy   2x Tier 1 Common (Only Trade)
Fox   1x Tier 1 Uncommon (Hatch trade)
Dog   1x Tier 1 Common (Hatch trade)
Pumpkin 2019   1x Tier 1 Uncommon (Only Trade)
Bat   1x Tier 1 Legend (Hatch trade)
Elf   3x Tier 1 Common (Only Trade)
Pig   1x Tier 1 Uncommon (Hatch trade)
Badger   2x Tier 1 Common (Unbox)
Bunny   1x Tier 1 Common (Hatch trade)
Santa Dog   1x Tier 1 Common (Only Trade)
Bear   1x Tier 1 Rare (Hatch trade)
Black Cat   2x Tier 1 Rare (Only Trade)
Seahorsey   11 (Unboxed)
Elf 2019   2x Tier 1 Rare (Only Trade)
Cat   1x Tier 1 Common (Hatch trade)
Blue Pumpkin 2019   1x Tier 1 Legend (Only Trade)
Pumpkin   4x Tier 1 Uncommon (Only Trade)
Elitey   2x Tier 1 Rare (Buy also Trade)

MM2 Values Boxes & Keys List 2022

MM2 Boxes & Keys Values
Box of Red Papers   165 (Only Trade)
Snowflake Key   1 (Only Trade)
Skeleton Key   1 (Only Trade)
Box of Blue Papers   220 (Only Trade)
Box of Gold Papers   415 (Only Trade)
Xmas Gifts   2 (Only Trade)
Boxes of Green Papers   140 (Only Trade)
Box of Ultra Wrap   490 (Only Trade)
Box of Fert   75 (Only Trade)
Boxes of Purple Papers   290 (Only Trade)
Mystery Keys   1 ( Buy and also Trade)

FAQ’s of MM2 Value List

Here are some FAQs about the MM2 Value List

Q. What is the value of the Seer in MM2? 

The Seer actually costs is 50 Robux, Robux is an in-game currency so it is not really a hard weapon to get.

Q. What is The Actual Frostbite value in MM2?

The value of Frostbite is approx 20 Seers according to mm2 values and 20 according to Supreme at the time. Frostbite is an in-game Godly knife obtainable through the Frostbite item pack and trading.

Q. What is The Pumpking value MM2?

The Pumpking approx value is x53 Seers based on MM2 values and 55 according to Supreme. Pumpking is an amazing Godly knife that was available through unboxing the 2017 Halloween box in Murder Mystery 2 and is currently only available through trading.


Hopefully, you like this MM2 Values List in this list we covered everything that are Vintage, Legends, Rares, Ancients, Godlys, Uniques, Uncommons, Commons, Pets, Miscellaneous and etc.

Thanks for reading this Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Values List if you have any feedback then the comment box is 24*7 open for you.

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