Launch Into The Air Using Geysers: How To Complete Fortnite Week 2 New Mission?

Launch Into The Air Using Geysers: The game’s weekly tasks have been updated, and this week’s aim is to launch into the air using Geysers. Despite the fact that the objective is identity, many players on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 are having trouble discovering Geysers.

Players will receive 15,000 XP for completing the task, which will help them uncover prizes from the current Fortnite Battle Pass edition. So, if we are experiencing troubles, don’t panic. This guide will show us where to discover all of the Geysers on Fortnite Chapter three Season three as well as how to achieve the Launch into the air using Geysers Week 2 challenge.

Launch Into The Air Using Geysers: Where To Found The Location?

Launch Into The Air Using Geysers

There’s only one area to look for something like a geyser in Fortnite: the small, natural alleyway west to Reality Falls and also the Reality Tree. Because it winds among two hills as well as the geysers resemble small water pools, we will be able to recognize them from the air. If players are arriving by foot, simply walk west of Reality Falls until we come upon the gully.

When we arrive at the location, we will notice a line of geysers, and all we have to do to be catapulted into the air is stand on one of them. Even if a geyser gets willing to explode, the water starts to bubble and we will be up in the air in no time.

Launch Into The Air Using Geysers: How To Use It?

In Fortnite, launching into the air using Geyser is as simple as it gets. We must remain on it for several seconds before the water pressure launches the avatar into the air. This is identical to Klombo’s blowholes, which could be found throughout the islands during Chapter 3 Season 2.

Overall, finishing this basic challenge will earn Fortnite players 15,000 XP. They can advance three stages in the Battle Pass by accomplishing all of the weekly challenges. It’s not much, but it’s reliable work.

Launch Into The Air Using Geysers: Full Guide To Launch:-

Launch Into The Air Using Geysers

Geysers can be found near Reality Falls just on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 map’s western side. When their upper half becomes clogged, they act like small volcanoes, releasing enormous pressure and launching players into the air. Stand on the edge of the Geyser for another few seconds once we have arrived at the above-mentioned spot.

After that, much like every other bouncy item in Fortnite, the pressure produced by it will propel us into the air. When we step just above the geyser, we will hear a whistle sound effect, signifying that we are due to launch into the air using Geysers.

• With the Two-Shot Shotgun, you can headshot your opponents.
• Pick Weeds in the vicinity of Reality Saplings.
• Geyser will launch you into the air.
• With the Grapple Glove, you can swing 50 meters or more without hitting the ground.
• At The Screwballer, go through the wind tunnel inside a Baller.
• Medium range weaponry with Epic rarity and better can be used to take out enemy players.
• Boost into the Runway Boulder using a Baller to dislodge it. Bars must be spent.
• Purchase products from vending or mending machines.

Launch Into The Air Using Geysers: How To Complete?

To finish the mission, you must perform this technique three times. To complete the mission in a short amount of time, we suggest passing near nearby Geysers after taking to the air. The challenge will then be marked as finished, and you will receive 15,000 XP as a reward for your efforts.

Check out the remaining Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 2 quests before you depart. We’ll need you to use a geyser 3 times to launch me into the air. Because the geysers erupt at different intervals, you won’t have to wait long between journeys, making it a very simple challenge to complete.

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